Lack of faith in the protagonist’s East Asian love interest?

Yes he is in The Edge of Seventeen, but you wouldn’t know it by watching the trailer. Image source: STX Films Fair use.

A brief summary and analysis of the protest movement in Hong Kong since June

Sea of people in demonstration in Hong Kong, 16 June 2019
Sea of people in demonstration in Hong Kong, 16 June 2019. Source: Hf9631 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]


While we should respect the choice of the British, we should urge them to avoid no-deal Brexit, as a friend, an ally, and a former colony.

Image Source: George Hodan, CC Public Domain

The Glamour of Asma al-Assad, Melania Trump, and now, Kim Yo-jong, disguises the flaws of the regime they belong to

Composite of three photos of Kim Yo-jong, Asma al-Assad, and Melania Trump, by Kim Jinseok (Official photographer of Republic of Korea), Blue House (Republic of Korea), KOGL,; Ricardo Stuckert/ABr — Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0 br,; and By Regine Mahaux, CC BY 3.0 us,; respectively. And before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, they are of unequal size because of the original image source (Melania’s original file is the biggest and clearest), not because of some kind of bias against Kim Yo-jong that I am aware of. If RoK or DPRK decides to release a higher quality photo of Kim Yo-jong for public use, I’m happy to make a composite with a bigger Kim Yo-jong.

Good Lord, it is Lorde! Image Source.

Because it fits the textbook definition of discrimination

Does it matter that interracial romance is simply a product of pure and simple “love”, where racism or colonialism plays no part? I say No, with some qualifications.

Image Source

You should do it not just because you are polite, but because of power imbalance

Image Source

Why it is a distinct possibility that the Jacinda Ardern will simply serve the status quo and is not the dawn of a new beginning

HAMISH McNEILLY/STUFF Fair Use of Image from

From environmental philosophy to politics, via… ZOMBIES!

Image Source

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